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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Finally Flips the Script on Piccolo, Gives Him New Form

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero got off the track, and fans were waiting for what felt like an eternity. But after a brief delay, the movie is back on track, and it’s about to release now, all eyes are on Piccolo and Gohan since the pair will dominate the anime’s comeback. A brand-new poster has gone viral and everyone got a close-up look at Piccolo’s new form.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo

One of the reveals teases a new look of Piccolo, which showed some kind of orange pattern going on his body causing him to grow and look bigger. Fans are crazy excited over this recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero tease. Some are expressing their excitement about Piccolo’s power-up and expecting that Gohan will go through one as well.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Piccolo’s New Form

Piccolo's new form and powers
Piccolo’s new form and powers

The new form of Piccolo in the upcoming film seems to be evolved by an orange, ring-like structure coming across his back, causing him to grow bigger and probably, stronger. This power-up is something that Lord Slug was worthy to do in the non-canon Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug film, where the villain accumulated to a huge size. It is still unconfirmed to be comparable in theory as of this writing, but the two characters seem to have resemblances, even if this doesn’t prove to be the canonical case.

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Keeping this aside, fans are also excited to see Piccolo approving a power-up and fans are reflecting their hope for Gohan to also receive one. Blowout towards Piccolo particularly is just as favorable, and many fans want this latest reveal to allow him to become a more appropriate character in the series. Some theories approve that this has something to do with Piccolo’s origin story as a member of all three Namekian clans through his ancestry and family tree. This fact is entirely possible and would be extremely satisfying for fans to see his Namekian origin play, which will be a major role in his next power-up. It will be very similar to the Super Saiyan transformation for Goku, Vegeta, and other Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan's power
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan’s power

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And yes, thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long for the official reveal, with the film being sighted for midnight screenings in Japan soon. Once theatres begin to hit Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fans will begin to discuss the movie on social platforms which will provide more clarity and spoilers for Piccolo’s form as well as many other characteristics of the movie.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled to be out in Japanese theaters, on June 11, 2022.

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