You are currently viewing 2022 MLB Draft tracker: Results, analysis, full list of every draft pick with 10 rounds completed

2022 MLB Draft tracker: Results, analysis, full list of every draft pick with 10 rounds completed

The 2022 MLB Draft continued Monday with Rounds 3-10. A total of 316 picks have been made in the first 10 rounds (plus compensation rounds), and the final 300 picks will be made Tuesday, when the draft wraps up with Rounds 11-20. The three-day selection process started Sunday night in Los Angeles with the Baltimore Orioles selecting high school shortstop Jackson Holliday (Matt’s son) with the top overall pick. The Arizona Diamondbacks then took high school outfielder Druw Jones (Andruw’s son) with the second pick. Kumar Rocker (Rangers), Termarr Johnson (Pirates) and Elijah Green (Nationals) rounded out the top five.

The draft was shortened from 40 rounds to five rounds in 2020 as a cost-cutting move during the pandemic but was stretched back to 20 rounds last year. That will be the new norm heading forward.

So who did your favorite team pick? And where did that intriguing prospect land? We’re keeping tabs on every pick — all 616 — with our 2022 MLB Draft tracker. You can find the full list of picks below, as well as analysis of every first-round selection.

2022 MLB Draft: First Round Analysis

Compensation picks

31. Rockies: Sterlin Thompson, OF, Florida
32. Reds: Sal Stewart, 3B, Westminster Christian HS (FL)

Competitive Balance Round A

33. Orioles: Dylan Beavers, OF, California
34. Diamondbacks: Landon Sims, P, Mississippi State
35. Braves: JR Ritchie, P, Bainbridge HS (WA)
36. Pirates: Thomas Harrington, P, Campbell
37. Guardians: Justin Campbell, P, Oklahoma State
38. Rockies: Jordan Beck, OF, Tennessee
39. Padres: Robby Snelling, P, McQueen HS (NV)

Second round

40. Dodgers: Dalton Rushing, C, Louisville
41. Red Sox: Cutter Coffey, SS, Liberty HS (CA)
42. Orioles: Max Wagner, 3B, Clemson
43. Diamondbacks: Ivan Melendez, 1B, Texas
44. Pirates: Hunter Barco, P, Barco
45. Nationals: Jake Bennett, P, Oklahoma
46. Marlins: Jacob Miller, P, Liberty Union HS (OH)
47. Cubs: Jackson Ferris, P IMG Academy (FL)
48. Twins: Connor Prielipp, P, Alabama
49. Royals: Cayden Wallace, 3B, Arkansas
50. Rockies: Jackson Cox, P, Toutle Lake HS (WA)
51. Tigers: Peyton Graham, SS, Oklahoma
52. Mets: Blade Tidwell, P, Tennessee 
53. Padres: Adam Mazur, P, Iowa
54. Guardians: Parker Messick, P, Florida State
55. Reds: Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State
56. Athletics: Henry Bolte, OF, Palo Alto HS (CA)
57. Braves: Cole Phillips, P, Boerne HS (TX)
58. Mariners: Tyler Locklear, 3B, VCU
59. Cardinals: Brycen Mautz, P, San Diego
60. Blue Jays: Josh Kasevich, SS, Oregon
61. Yankees: Drew Thorpe, P, Cal Poly 
62. White Sox: Peyton Pallette, P, Arkansas
63. Brewers: Jacob Misiorowski, P, Crowder College
64. Astros: Jacob Melton, OF, Oregon State
65. Rays: Brock Jones, OF, Stanford
66. Giants: Carson Whisenhunt, P, East Carolina

Competitive Balance Round B

67. Orioles: Jud Fabian, OF, Florida
68. Twins: Tanner Schobel, SS, Virginia Tech
69. Athletics: Clark Elliott, OF, Michigan
70. Rays: Chandler Simpson, SS, Georgia Tech
71. Rays: Ryan Cermak, OF, Illinois State
72. Brewers: Robert Moore, SS, Arkansas
73. Reds: Justin Boyd, OF, Oregon State
74. Mariners: Walter Ford, P, Pace HS (FL)

Compensation picks

75. Mets: Nick Morabito, 2B, Gonzaga HS (DC)
76. Braves: Blake Burkhalter, P, Auburn
77. Blue Jays: Tucker Toman, SS, Hammond School HS (SC)
78. Blue Jays: Cade Doughty, 2B, LSU
79. Red Sox: Roman Anthony, OF, Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)
80. Astros: Andrew Taylor, P, Central Michigan

Third round

81. Orioles: Nolan McLean, P, Oklahoma State 
82. Diamondbacks: Nate Savino, P, Virginia
83. Pirates: Jack Brannigan, two-way player, Notre Dame
84. Nationals: Trey Lipscomb, 3B, Tennessee 
85. Marlins: Karson Milbrandt, P, Liberty Senior HS (MO)
86. Cubs: Christopher Paciolla, SS, Temecula Valley HS (CA)
87. Royals: Mason Barnett, P, Auburn   
88. Rockies: Carson Palmquist, P, Miami
89. Angels: Ben Joyce, P, Tennessee
90. Mets: Brandon Sproat, P, Florida
91. Padres: Henry Williams, P, Duke   
92. Guardians: Joe Lampe, OF, Arizona State
93. Phillies: Gabriel Rincones Jr., OF, Florida Atlantic
94. Reds: Bryce Hubbart, P, Florida State
95. Athletics: Colby Thomas, OF, Mercer
96. Braves: Drake Baldwin, C, Missouri State
97. Cardinals: Pete Hansen, P, Texas
98. Blue Jays: Alan Roden, OF, Creighton 
99. Red Sox: Dalton Rogers, P, Southern Miss
100. Yankees: Trystan Vrieling, P, Gonzaga
101. White Sox: Jonathan Cannon, P, Georgia
102. Brewers: Dylan O’Rae, SS, Northern Collegiate Institute (ON)
103. Astros: Michael Knorr, P, Coastal Carolina  
104. Rays: Trevor Martin, P, Oklahoma State
105. Dodgers: Alex Freeland, SS, Central Florida
106. Giants: William Kempner, P, Gonzaga

Fourth round

107. Orioles: Silas Ardoin, C, Texas 
108. Diamondbacks: Dylan Ray, P, Alabama
109. Rangers: Brock Porter, P, St. Mary’s Prep HS (MI)
110. Pirates: Michael Kennedy, P, Troy HS (NY)
111. Nationals: Brenner Cox, OF, Rock Hill HS (TX)
112. Marlins: Marcus Johnson, P, Duke
113. Cubs: Nazier Mule, P, Passaic Tech HS (NJ) 
114. Twins: Andrew Morris, P, Texas Tech 
115. Royals: Steven Zobac, P, California 
116. Rockies: Ryan Ritter, SS, Kentucky
117. Tigers: Troy Melton, P, San Diego State
118. Angels: Jake Madden, P, Northwest Florida State  
119. Mets: Jacob Reimer, 3B, Yucaipa HS (CA)
120. Padres: Lamar King Jr., C, Calvert Hall HS (MD)
121. Guardians: Nate Furman, 2B, UNC Charlotte
122. Phillies: Alex McFarlane, P, Miami 
123. Reds: Kenya Huggins, P, Chipola College
124. Athletics: Jacob Watters, P, West Virginia
125. Braves: David McCabe, 3B, UNC Charlotte
126. Mariners: Ashton Izzi, P, Oswego East HS (IL)
127. Cardinals: Jimmy Crooks III, C, Oklahoma
128. Blue Jays: Ryan Jennings, P, Louisiana Tech
129. Red Sox: Chase Meidroth, SS, San Diego
130. Yankees: Anthony Hall, OF, Oregon
131. White Sox: Jordan Sprinkle, SS, UC Santa Barbara   
132. Brewers: Matthew Wood, C, Penn State
133. Astros: Trey Dombroski III, P, Monmouth 
134. Rays: Dominic Keegan, C, Vanderbilt
135. Dodgers:  Nick Biddison, OF, Virginia Tech
136. Giants: Spencer Miles, P, Missouri

Fifth round

137. Orioles: Trace Bright, P, Auburn 
138. Diamondbacks: Andrew Pintar, SS, BYU
139. Rangers: Chandler Pollard, OF, Woodward Academy HS (GA)  
140. Pirates: Tres Gonzalez, OF, Georgia Tech
141. Nationals: Jaren McKenzie, OF, Baylor
142. Marlins: Josh White, P, California
143. Cubs: Brandon Birdsell, P, Texas Tech
144. Twins: Ben Ross, SS, Notre Dame College
145. Royals: Hunter Patterson, P, Central Florida 
146. Rockies: Connor Staine, P, Central Florida
147. Tigers: Luke Gold, 3B, Boston College
148. Angels: Sonny DiChiara, 1B, Auburn
149. Mets: D’Andre Smith, SS, USC
150. Padres: Nathan Martorella, 1B, California    
151. Guardians: Guy Lipscomb Jr., OF, Belmont 
152. Phillies: Orion Kerkering, P, South Florida
153. Reds: Cade Hunter, C, Virginia Tech
154. Athletics: Jack Perkins, P, Indiana
155. Braves: Ignacio Alvarez, 3B, Riverside CC
156. Mariners: Reid VanScoter, P, Coastal Carolina
157. Cardinals: Victor Scott II, OF, West Virginia
158. Blue Jays: Mason Fluhart, P, Liberty
159. Red Sox: Noah Dean, P, Old Dominion
160. Yankees: Eric Reyzelman, P, LSU
161. White Sox: Tyler Schweitzer, P, Ball State
162. Brewers: Will Rudy, P, Cal Poly
163. Astros: Nolan DeVos, P, Davidson
164. Rays: Jalen Battles, SS, Arkansas
165. Dodgers: Sean McLain, SS, Arizona State
166. Giants: Liam Simon, P, Notre Dame

Sixth round

167. Orioles: Douglas Hodo III, OF, Texas
168. Diamondbacks: Will Mabrey, P, Tennessee 
169. Rangers: Tommy Specht, OF, Wahlert HS (IA)
170. Pirates: Derek Diamond, P, Ole Miss
171. Nationals: Nathaniel Ochoa Leyva, SS, Notre Dame Catholic SS (ON)
172. Marlins: Jared Poland, P, Louisville
173. Cubs: Will Frisch, P, Oregon State
174. Twins: Jorel Ortega, 2B, Tennessee
175. Royals: Hayden Dunhurst, C, Ole Miss 
176. Rockies: Michael Prosecky, P, Louisville
177. Tigers: Danny Seretti, SS, North Carolina
178. Angels: Victor Mederos, P, Oklahoma State
179. Mets: Tyler Stuart, P, Southern Miss
180. Padres: Jakob Marsee, OF, Central Michigan
181. Guardians: Dylan DeLucia P, Ole Miss
182. Phillies: Mavis Graves, P, Eastside HS (SC)
183. Reds: Zach Maxwell, P, Georgia Tech
184. Athletics: Brennan Milone, 3B, South Carolina
185. Braves: Seth Keller, P, Hanover HS (VA)
186. Mariners: Josh Hood, SS, NC State
187. Cardinals: Max Rajcic, P, UCLA
188. Blue Jays: T.J. Brock, P, Ohio State
189. Red Sox: Alex Hoppe, P, UNC Greensboro
190. Yankees: Chase Hampton, P, Texas Tech
191. White Sox: Eric Adler, P, Wake Forest
192. Brewers: Tyler Woessner, P, Central Arizona College
193. Astros: Collin Price, C, Mercer
194. Rays: Gary Gill Hill, P, John F. Kennedy Catholic HS (NY)
195. Dodgers: Logan Wagner, SS, P27 Academy (SC)
196. Giants: Hayden Birdsong, P, Eastern Illinois

Seventh round

197. Orioles: Preston Johnson, P, Mississippi State     
198. Diamondbacks: Demetroi Crisantes, SS, Nogales HS (AZ) 
199. Rangers: Luis Ramirez, P, Long Beach State
200. Pirates: J.P. Massey, P, Minnesota
201. Nationals: Riley Cornelio, P, TCU
202. Marlins: Kyle Crigger, P, Louisiana Tech
203. Cubs: Nick Hull, P, Grand Canyon
204. Twins: Kyle Jones, P, Toledo 
205. Royals: Mack Anglin, P, Clemson
206. Rockies: Kody Huff, C, Stanford
207. Tigers: Seth Stephenson, OF, Tennessee
208. Angels: Roman Phansalkar, P, Oklahoma State
209. Mets: Jonah Tong, P, Bill Crothers SS (ON)
210. Padres: Nick Vogt, OF, UC Santa Barbara 
211. Guardians: Javier Santos, P, Georgia Premier Academy (GA)
212. Phillies: Caleb Ricketts, C, San Diego
213. Reds: Trey Faltine, SS, Texas
214. Athletics: Yeniel Laboy, 3B, Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (PR) 
215. Braves: Adam Maier, P, Oregon
216. Mariners: Hogan Windish, 2B, UNC Greensboro
217. Cardinals: Alex Iadisernia, OF, Elon
218. Blue Jays: Peyton Williams, 1B, Iowa
219. Red Sox: Caleb Bolden, P, TCU
220. Yankees: Cam Schlittler, P, Northeastern     
221. White Sox: Mark McLaughlin, P, Tennessee
222. Brewers: Ben Metzinger, 3B, Louisville
223. Astros: A.J. Blubaugh, P, Milwaukee
224. Rays: Blake Robertson, 1B, Oklahoma
225. Dodgers: Christopher Campos, SS, St. Mary’s
226. Giants: Zach Morgan, C, Fresno State

Eighth round

227. Orioles: Cameron Weston, P, Michigan     
228. Diamondbacks: Adrian Rodriguez, SS, International Baseball Academy (PR)
229. Rangers: Matt Brosky, P, Youngstown State
230. Pirates: Cy Nielson, P, BYU
231. Nationals: Chance Huff, P, Georgia Tech
232. Marlins: Dale Stanavich, P, Rutgers
233. Cubs: Mason McGwire, P, Capistrano Valley HS (CA)    
234. Twins: Zebby Matthews, P, Western Carolina
235. Royals: Wesley Scott, P, Walters State CC
236. Rockies: Davis Palermo, P, North Carolina
237. Tigers: Jake Miller, P, Valparaiso
238. Angels: Dylan Phillips, two-way player, Kansas State    
239. Mets: Dylan Terbrake, P, Creighton
240. Padres: Griffin Doersching, 1B, Oklahoma State
241. Guardians: Jackson Humphries, P, Fuquay-Varina HS (NC)
242. Phillies: Alex Rao, P, Notre Dame
243. Reds: Chris McElvain, P, Vanderbilt
244. Athletics: Micah Dallas, P, Texas A&M 
245. Braves: Jason Franks, P, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
246. Mariners: Tatem Levins, C, Pittsburgh
247. Cardinals: Cade Winquest, P, Texas-Arlington
248. Blue Jays: Dylan Rock, OF, Texas A&M
249. Red Sox: Jonathan Brand, P, Miami (Ohio)
250. Yankees: Brett Barrera, SS, Stanford
251. White Sox: Mario Camilletti, 2B, Central Michigan
252. Brewers: Nate Peterson, P, Illinois-Chicago
253. Astros: Tyler Guilfoil, P, Kentucky
254. Rays: Sean Harney, P, Kentucky
255. Dodgers: Taylor Young, 2B, Louisiana Tech
256. Giants: Wade Meckler, OF, Oregon State

Ninth round

257. Orioles: Adam Crampton, SS, Stanford   
258. Diamondbacks: Gavin Logan, C, Oregon State
259. Rangers: Griffin Cheney, SS, Georgia State
260. Pirates: Mike Walsh, P, Yale
261. Nationals: Maxwell Romero Jr., C, Miami  
262. Marlins: Evan Taylor, P, Arkansas
263. Cubs: Connor Noland, P, Arkansas
264. Twins: Cory Lewis, P, UC Santa Barbara
265. Royals: Brandon Johnson, P, Ole Miss      
266. Rockies: Brad Cumbest, OF, N/A
267. Tigers: Andrew Jenkins, 1B, Georgia Tech
268. Angels: Joe Stewart, OF, Michigan
269. Mets: Chase Estep, 3B, Kentucky
270. Padres: Dylan Nedved, P, Iowa
271. Guardians: Austin Peterson, P, UConn
272. Phillies: Chad Castillo, OF, California Baptist University         
273. Reds: Rob Hensey, P, Monmouth
274. Athletics: Caeden Trenkle, OF, Oklahoma State
275. Braves: Cory Acton, 2B, Georgia
276. Mariners: Tyler Gough, P, JSerra Catholic HS (CA)
277. Cardinals: Joseph King, P, California
278. Blue Jays: Devereaux Harrison, P, Long Beach State
279. Red Sox: Brooks Brannon, C, Randleman HS (NC)
280. Yankees: Matt Keating, P, USC
281. White Sox: Michael Turner, C, Arkansas
282. Brewers: Tayden Hall, C, State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota   
283. Astros: Brett Billis, P, Portland 
284. Rays: Chris Villaman, P, NC State
285. Dodgers: Brandon Neeck, P, Virginia
286. Giants: Jack Choate, P, Assumption College

10th round

287. Orioles: Wyatt Cheney, P, McLennan CC   
288. Diamondbacks: Brett Johnson, OF, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
289. Rangers: Josh Hatcher, OF, Kennesaw State
290. Pirates: Tanner Tredaway, OF, Oklahoma
291. Nationals: Murphy Stehly, 3B, Texas
292. Marlins: Cade Gibson, P, Louisiana Tech      
293. Cubs: Brody McCullough, P, Wingate
294. Twins: Dalton Shuffield, SS, Texas State
295. Royals: Levi Usher, OF, Louisville
296. Rockies: Zach Agnos, P, East Carolina
297. Tigers: Trevin Michael, P, Oklahoma
298. Angels: Matt Courtney, 1B, Old Dominion
299. Mets: Zebulon Vermillion, P, Arkansas
300. Padres: Jackson Smeltz, P, Purdue    
301. Guardians: Jacob Zibin, P, TNXL Academy (FL)
302. Phillies: Gustavo Sosa, C, South Mountain CCc
303. Reds: Brody Jessee, P, Gonzaga
304. Athletics: Brock Rodden, 2B, Wichita State
305. Braves: Andrew Keck, C, Southeast Missouri State  
306. Mariners: Bill Knight, OF, Mercer
307. Cardinals: Tanner Jacobson, P, Queens University of Charlotte
308. Blue Jays: Ian Churchill, P, San Diego
309. Red Sox: Isaac Coffey, P, Oral Roberts
310. Yankees: Will Brian, P, Eastern Kentucky
311. White Sox: Tim Elko, 1B, Ole Miss
312. Brewers: Brian Fitzpatrick, P, Rutgers    
313. Astros: Zach Cole Jr., OF, Ball State
314. Rays: Cade Halemanu, P, Hawaii
315. Dodgers: Simon Reid, C, Westmont College
316. Giants: John Bertrand, P, Notre Dame

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