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The Flash’s Ezra Miller Can’t Be Found And Served Amid Grooming Claims

The Flash star Ezra Miller has had a series of run-ins with the law over the past couple of years, and their legal troubles just continue to intensify before the eyes of the public.

Miller is set to lead Warner Bros.’ long-developing The Flash film, but the focus lately on Miller has been on their legal troubles. Most recently, Miller was accused of grooming a teen from North Dakota, in addition to emotionally and physically abusing the teen.

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The parents of the teen have filed a protective order against Miller, which accuses The Flash actor of “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating and endangering the safety and welfare” of the 18-year-old, according to court documents obtained by The Los Angeles Times on Thursday. However, the authorities and the victim’s family have had some issues locating The Flash star to serve them with the order, which will legally prevent Miller from contacting or harassing the victim and her family for 30 days. The protective order also orders Miller to stay 100 yards away from the family’s home during this 30-day period. The victim’s father has also revealed that there is a court hearing scheduled for July 12, where Miller and his daughter are both supposed to be present and “weigh in” on the situation. It’s also been reported by her parents that the victim and Miller met when she was only 12 years old and Miller was 23 at the time, while the latter was visiting North Dakota.

They’ve also claimed that Miller supplied their daughter with marijuana, LSD, and alcohol. “They move around so much we’re stuck in this legal limbo situation, and we can’t serve them in any place they’re in long enough,” the father told The Times. “They’ve been flighty. They’ve been avoiding service, and now there’s public pressure mounting on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature. We’re working very hard to get this order enforced wherever they are.”

These grooming allegations have been added to the ever-growing list of legal run-ins Miller has faced in the past couple of years. One of these illegal incidents occurred in April 2020, when Miller appeared to have choked a woman at a bar, while another took place on March 28th, 2022, when The Flash star was arrested for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar in Hawaii. On March 29th, 2022, a couple filed a restraining order against the star after they allegedly broke into their bedroom and stole their passports and wallets. They were also arrested on April 19th, 2022, for second-degree assault, with the June 8th restraining order being his last offence of this year alone.

With their run-ins with the law continuing to grow, fans are growing weary about Miller staying in the role of The Flash. With all this negative attention surrounding the film’s star, The Flash release might not do so well when it hits theaters.

The Flash is scheduled to release in theaters on June 23rd, 2023.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, Nylon

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